Sunday, 24 April 2016

90 Year Old Woman Pregnant After 5year Wait

A 90 year old woman, Margaret Allen, from BOONE COUNTY, West Virginia in America has conceived again, after hoping and praying for over 5years!

BOONE COUNTY native, Margaret Allen has raised 14 kids of her own, but none had given her a grandchild she so desperately craved for.

I’m not sure why my own kids won’t breed.Shame on them,” Allen told“ But God always answers my prayers and though, at my age, the so called “doctors” say I can’t get knocked up, they is wrong. I pray hard enough, God will let me give birth to agrandchild. I mean, my own child, that I will treat like a grandchild.”

Margaret Allen got up every morning at 3A.M. and would pray fourteen straight
hours for God to put a baby inside her. Once she is finished, the octogenarian typically eats a few TV dinners and then spends the rest of the night in bed “mating with” a 22-year-old man she has chosen to be the father. She is so dedicated, like a professional athlete,”

 Margaret’s friend Angie Dickson, a fellow congregation member at Bible Baptist Church, said. “When she sets a goal in her head, she don’t stop till she succeeds. Last year she spent two weeks praying my IBS away. She stopped a terrorist attack on our town. She even prayed for some homosexual men to get out of town and they did, eventually. She is truly a miracle worker. God will give her a baby. Allen’s children declined to comment on this wonderful development, except her eldest son.

 Sure enough after years of praying Margaret is now officially 5 months pregnant. She plans to
name the child “Miracle” because as she says that’s what she is a Miracle. If your a non-believer in this Miracle baby remember that Sarah was 90 and her husband Abraham was 100 when they had their first child…Miracles do happen for REAL!
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