Wednesday, 27 April 2016

US Police Dog Given State Burial.

An American Police Dog, which died while in active service was given a befitting state burial by The Nebraska Police Department a few days ago.

According to our source, who posted the story on Facebook, The slain Dog was caught in a hail of bullets fired by an unnamed 45 year old man who was being trailed by the police for suspected drug related cases.

According to a few eye witness reports, the shootout lasted for well over 7hours and in a bid to apprehend the suspect, the deceased dog attempted to attack the suspect.
Officers of the Nebraska Police Department paid glowing tributes to the slain dog at an emotionally laden funeral service.
A nation that does not honour heroes, is not worth dying for. The dog served the US with all its strength and might. and in return it was given a hero's burial, gives much Food for Thought.


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