Monday, 25 April 2016

Woman Breastfeeds Stray Dog She Picked On The Streets

Now this is absolutely crazy! This Photos and Video was sent in by a Gossipmirrors reader from Southamerica, According to our source, The woman in question picked up a stray puppy which has been wandering aimlessly along
the neighbourhood for some days. Out of pity she decided to take custody of him and brought it into her home, bathing and cleaning him up, before deciding to do the extreme by “BREASTFEEDING” him.

Dog’s have always been referred to colloquially as “Man’s Best Friend” ,the level of loyalty a dog displays towards it’s master is simply extraordinary, no wonder the lady pictured in the photos and video went the extra mile to “Breastfeed” a stray puppy dog she found on the streets
Watch The Video:Woman Breastfeeds Dog



  1. Hmmm. This world sha, that's why I love to visit your blog so many interesting topics

  2. This world n her inhabitants. Nothing u will not see from Asia