Monday, 30 May 2016

Meet South Sudan's Minister Of Water Resources"Hon Mabior De Garang"

Could this be for real! That was the question i asked myself when i came across the photos of this funny looking young man. Believe it or not, The man
in the pics is no other person than "Hon Mabior De Garang Mabior",The Minister for Water Resources and Irrigation in the Republic of South Sudan, son to Former President, Dr John Garang.

Hon Mabior De Garang is currently serving in the Unity government of the Republic of South Sudan, led by "Dr Riek Machar". One distinctive feature about this funny looking man is that he looks rather Unkept and simple, which is a stark contrast to what is obtainable with serving politicians in most African countries, who never cease the opportunity to loot and acquire public funds while in office.

However, the simplicity of "Hon Mabior De Garang" should serve as a pointer to African political office holders, to serve with integrity and honesty, rather than pursuing their own selfish interest.