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ULTIMATE CYCLER REVIEW: Everything You Need To Know.

Ultimate Cycler is a member-to-member donation business model created by Peter Wolfing that is designed to help people break through an endless cycle of LACK and achieve financial security.

                                                         Ultimate Cycler Nigeria
It’s a 2×2 cycler scheme with a direct member-to-member payment plan. You don’t pay any money into the system, no admin fees, no registration fees, none of that, you get all of your payout directly into your account.

There are 6 matrix levels you can earn from, but the only expense you make is the one-time N12,500 ($25) you donate to your sponsor so as to activate your account.

                                       How Does Ultimate Cycler Nigeria Work?
If you’re reading this review right now, I’ll assume that you’re interested in knowing how you can make money through Ultimate Cycler, right? If that’s your aim then read on…

I’ll try and break it down so that you’ll understand how it all works…

Ultimate Cycler Nigeria gives you N50,000 after about a week, or thereabout, even less  of investing just N12,500, and if you’re not good at referring others, you’ve got no problem as the system got you covered and would automatically fix 4 people under you who would pay you N12,500 each summing up to N50,000.

Once you register, you’re paired with someone to whom you’ll make a one-time payment of N12,500 to and your account would be activated, then you’re set to receive your own payments of N12,500 from  four other people.

However, the only advantage of referring your friends  is that it keeps the system going and it ensures that you get your profit faster.

If you register today on Ultimate Cycler Nigeria and you are able to get 4 of your friends to register today also using your referral link, then you’ll make your N50,000 in just one day. Isn’t that cool?

If you don’t want to refer people, just sit back and relax as the system would automatically fix 4 people under you in about a week or two who will pay you the sum of N50,000

Introducing your friends only speeds up your collection of N50,000. If you choose to keep quiet and not introduce your friends, you’ll still get your N50,000 within a week or two through automatic pairing from around Nigeria.

There’s been lots of testimonies about Ultimate Cycler Nigeria, and I too am already benefiting immensely from this scheme and I felt it would be good to let the general public know about this too.

                                         How Ultimate Cycler Works & Operate.
When you register, you will need to donate the sum of N12,500 to a fellow member you registered under his link, and he will then confirm your donation.

SIGN up For an Ultimate Cycler Account Here!!!

Your registration will be complete when you have sent N12,500 ($25) to the person you are matched with.

After that, login to your Ultimate Cycler account, click on “My Profile”, when your profile loads up, scroll down to the part that says “Payment Instructions.” Delete the default text you don’t need there and enter your bank account details there.

Note: You will get paid to the bank account details you entered in the “Payment Instructions” section. So, make sure it is correct.
Whenever you receive payment go to your Ultimate Cycler account to confirm that the person has paid you. This is also important.

The system (Admin) will put 4 other registered people under you from spillovers who will also pay you N12,500 each, into your bank account, making N50,000. You can also bring people to register under you if you can’t wait for the system to do it for you.

After you have your 4 people under you, you can now upgrade to Grade 2, where you Will need to pay N25,000 from your N50000 to a Grade 2 upline member and now you don’t need to worry on how to get people in this level, the system will bring 16 persons under you who will pay you N25,000 each making N400,000.

You upgrade with $50 (N25,000) out of your profits.
It is also 2×2 matrix.

As your down lines follow you, together with spillovers from your uplines, you cycle $50 x 4= $200 (N100,000). Re-enter as you did in the $25 matrix. You keep profiting with the cycle of $200 over and over without limit, giving you $150 each time you cycle, which is N75,000 net profit over and over and over again without end.

It is also a 2×2 matrix.

In the same manner, you upgrade to this matrix with $100 (N50,000).
At this level you earned $100 x4 = $400 (N200,000), giving you a net profit of N150,000 over and over without end.

It is also a 2×2 matrix.

In the same manner, you upgrade to this matrix with $200 (N100,000).
At this level you earned $200 x4 = $800 (N400,000), giving you a net profit of N300,000 over and over without limit.

It is also a 2×2 matrix.

In the same manner, you upgrade to this matrix with $400 (N200,000).
At this level you earned $400 x4 = $1,600 (N800,000), giving you a net profit of  N600,000 over and over again without end.

It is also a 2×2 matrix.

In the same manner, you upgrade to this matrix with $800 (N400,000).
At this level you earned $800 x4 = $3,200 (N1,600,000), giving you a net profit of N1,2000,000 over and over without end as you keep on cycling.

Importantly, I must mention that if you’re not ready to make the initial payment of N12,500 then you shouldn’t bother to register on Ultimate Cycler Nigeria as your account would not be activated until the person you made the payment to acknowledges your payment.

If for any reason you’ve made a payment and the person you made the payment to has refused to acknowledge it, the system already has a way to handle such issues, so you have no fears as this is 100% real and secure.

In the past few days, Ultimate Cycler Nigeria has gained widespread popularity and that alone should be enough to convince you that this system really works, some even say it’s better than MMM.

Apart from the first level where you earn a total of N50,000, there are also 5 higher levels that can see you earning huge amounts of profit.

The fact that this is a 1-time pay program with no monthly fees, only costs N12,500 to get started, and pays 100% instant commissions means that a lot of people will be interested in this and you can easily start seeing multiple cycles daily.

                           Key FACT's About the Founder of Ultimate Cycler PETER WOLFING:
Peter Wolfing who is the founder of Ultimate Cycler has been building online businesses and marketing tools for the past 14 years. 
In that time he’s proven beyond doubt that he knows how to build programs with staying power, and that he is committed to the long-term success of his projects. He is the owner of a 14 year old company with a solid track record and an A+ rating with BBB.
You can be sure that Ultimate Cycler Nigeria is here to stay, you can make your profit from here and start up other businesses that would keep you smiling even in recession.

                                   ULTIMATE CYCLER EARNINGS SUMMARY:

  • STAGE   $100 

  • STAGE 2
$200 (N100,000)

  • STAGE 3
$400 (N200,000)

  • STAGE 4

  • STAGE 5
$1,600 (N800,000)

  • STAGE 6
$3,200 (N1,600,000)

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Register Now on Ultimate Cycler Nigeria and get paid soonest!

While the government is busy seeking ways to stop Nigerians from patronizing MMM, Ultimate Cycler Nigeria  is gaining widespread popularity.

It’s relatively easy to start up,  and make huge sums with Ultimate Cycler, and it has the leadership behind to keep the system alive for a very long period.

I highly recommend this program to you and I invite you to come join our team and smile all the way to the bank…

Ultimate Cycler is among the hottest online networking business in Nigeria today just like MMM, Crowdrising, iCharity etc. In Ultimate Cycler, Members Donate Money to Members meaning you are not paying money into the site system. Its a mutual community where Members help members.

N.B: If you need help or assistance when signing up, kindly use our referral link SIGN UP HERE!!!! so" Our Team of Dedicated Admins" will help put you through and guide you throughout your registration process, we would also assist you with spillovers from our team to enable you receive payments faster.

All donations are made directly to your bank account.  Share your link to people and bring them in in mass.
(Note: Registering under somebodies link may not mean that you will pay to him or her, the system decides who you pay to)
Please Do Not Register If you Know That you are not ready to start, and you do not have money!!


Do you have any questions or doubts regarding the authenticity of "Ultimate Cycler"?  Feel free to drop a comment in the box below and I’ll respond to you as quickly as I can.

Ultimate Cycler Nigeria, Happy Earnings and a Merry Christmas In Advance To You All!!!!!


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