Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Why MEN Choose Certain Types Of Women For Marriage.

Have you ever wondered why men select certain types of women when it comes to marriage? 
The good news is that whatever the type of woman you are, there is always a man for you. Some men like slim ladies, some like fat ladies, some like tall, others prefer short, so whatever your physical attributes, there is always a man for you.

When it comes to settling down, most men select women that looks like their mother or one that looks like a very close female relation in the family. However some men select women based on the Facial Expression. Is she homely and friendly? does she have what it takes to be a good wife material? These questions are easily answered by the facial expressions of the lady in question.
A lady's facial expression goes a long way in telling about the personality of the woman , it simply serves as an introductory paragraph about the kind of person she could possibly be.
Men would do anything to get an utterly submissive woman for a wife, being autocratic in nature and disposition, most men would prefer settling down with a woman who is subject to their control, a woman who would obey their every command without objecting. Men detest the "Bossy" type of woman, when a man discovers that a lady falls into this category, it's most likely he wouldn't approach her with the subject of marriage.

Fidelity is another key trait which men are on the lookout for when searching for a life partner. Every man seeks a trustworthy woman for a wife, with the prevalent rate of unfaithfulness in this age, such a woman is very difficult to find. However some men would prefer flashy women who would give them the right social projections. There are also men who seek for women that are conventional in nature, the list varies.

Truth is, a virtuos woman is hard to find, most women of marriageable age do not possess the qualities men desire in a wife, it brings to mind the adage which says;

 " Women are many, Wives are few
 However, women should  Keep in mind that most men just want a happy and easy going woman who has good values, so just focus on putting the best YOU out there, and the right man will surely come for YOU.


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