Thursday, 7 September 2017

Rooney Promise To Take Bow From Boozy Nights Following Drink Driving Arrest.

  Wayne Rooney has promised to take a bow from boozy nights out if only his pregnant wife Coleen will cut down on holidays.

  The Everton striker made the promise in a bid to save their marriage after he was arre­sted for drunk driving last week.While Coleen who is famed for her jet-setting lifestyle was on holiday 1,300 miles away in Majorca, Rooney drove office worker  Laura Simpson   home With the 29 Year old claiming that they Kissed and Cuddled the night of  his Arrest .          The former Manchester United star is said to have asked Coleen, 31,  for changes in other for them to get back together and be happy again.
A source said: “He’s pointed the finger at her over the number of holidays she takes and she raised questions about his nights out with the lads.”
“In the end, it’ll need some give-and-take on both sides to get everything back to normal.”
 “Col­een’s still furious with Wayne and is threatening all sorts. Wayne’s just hoping she’ll calm down.
“He’s told her he is willing to stop going out if that means she will stay with him. But he hasn’t totally held back himself.
 Wayne Rooney will appear in court on the 18th of September.


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