Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Myanmar Women Identifies Soldiers Who Raped Them.


 Troops are beating and raping women at gunpoint as they rampage through Rohingya villages in Myanmar.
 Light streams in through the straw walls. It makes strong shadows that streak across Rabia's partially covered face.
She is here to share her story with me.
Rabia was stripped, beaten and raped at gunpoint just for being a Rohingya in Myanmar.
"They came into the village and started firing at us," she says."We hid all our money and ornaments inside secret pockets that we had sewn inside our dresses."
She turns the hem of her dress inside out to show me some loose hanging thread and explains that was where the pocket had been sewn.
"They stripped us naked and stole all our jewellery. And this was in front of everyone.
"Many of them came, four, five ... they came in groups and one or two stood guard while the rest went in to the house to torture the women."
Rabia says the men who attacked her were Myanmar army soldiers.They came and found me. One grabbed my hand and took me to a path between some trees and then he pushed me.
"I fell down and then he began raping me. I started to scream but then another soldier came and pointed a gun at me.
"The soldier kept raping me until another soldier blew a whistle in the village and then they all left."
Rabia is wearing an orange headscarf across her face. From time to time during the interview it slips a little. I can see tearful eyes that are full of pain.
"What can I tell you of the torture that I've been through. If I tell you I will start crying.


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