Monday, 5 November 2018

Panic Buying As Nigerians Prepare For Labour Strike.

   Nigerians yesterday were caught up in panic buying as they anticipated the industrial action by the organised labour.
     A visit to some filling stations in the Abuja metropolis showed many motorists trooping in to buy fuel. Banking halls were also filled with customers making last-minute transactions, while automated teller machines were attended by long queues.
   One motorist, Bamidele Olukoya, who spoke to The Guardian, said he bought enough fuel to last a week. Reminded that the move could be dangerous, he replied: “I kept the gallons in my backyard.”In Ibadan, residents swooped on markets to purchase food and other essential items.
At Bodija market, a civil servant, Mary Okoisi, told The Guardian she was ready for the strike, as she had stocked up enough food.But not everyone shared Okoisi’s view. Some, like Mr. Kehinde Odewunmi, a builder, would rather the strike didn’t take place. He added that if government accedes to labour’s demand, there would be inflation and a worsening of the economy. He was joined by Chinyere Nwafor, who urged government to boost the economy and bring down prices of goods instead of increasing workers’ salaries.


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